The Lhasa Aspo is an extremely smart dog, which has an independent streak. Here even with his small statue is a great watchdog. Boston terrier is an intelligent and highly energetic dog. This breed is an American dog bred in Boston. The combination of these two created the hybrid called Bosapso. Bosapso can live in an apartment or home with less or not being exercise frequently. The health major concerns of Bosapso are patellar luxation, cataracts, reverse sneezing and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).

History Of the Boston Terrier Mix

To know more about Bosapso we need to look at the parent history. One of the interesting histories is that of the Lhasa apso, a non-sporting dog. It has it origin in Tibet. This was bred to help alert the monks of any intruder who enter the Buddhist monasteries and Tibetan nobility.

The capital city of Tibet is Lhasa and the meaning of Apso is breaded in Tibetan language. Therefore Lhasa apso means long haired Lhasa dog. This dog was named after a holy city of Lhasa with histories dating back to 800 BC. He was considered sacred because of their guarding in the temple which makes buying impossible for one. The dog is sent as a gift by the Dalai Lama and was assumed it is the gift of prosperity. This breed makes it way to America when it was gifted to American C. Suydam cutting of New Jersey by Dalai Lama.

Boston terrier popularly known as the American gentleman was bred in the 1800s in the city of Boston, in Massachusetts. Boston labs are intelligent, responsive dogs and very alert, also known for their loyal and playful nature. The Boston terrier originated from the United States of America. It was accepted by the American kennel club in 1893 as a non sporting breed. When differentiating this breed the color and markings are important from the AKC standard. The Boston terrier was spotted when a certain man named Robert Hooper bought this terrier type from another man. Later it was known as Hooper’s judge and is believed to be the parent breed of bull breed and the original terrier in the 20th century.

Appearance Of the Boston Terrier mix

They are fairly small dogs in size which can either be short, tight or long, shaggy hair. They have a lifespan ranging from 11 -15 years. Bosapso is dense in coat type, with their colors including black, brindle seal with white marking.


  1. Combing gently when tangles occur will remove them before they turn into mats.
  2. Brush their teeth at least three times in a week to prevent gum disease as they can easily have decayed and gum issues since they are small dogs.
  3. Bath when needed.

Activity requirement

  • As high energy dog they require daily activity including walks and games.
  • Provision of chew toy as they may tend to chew.
  • He can adapt to any environment with a yard to play.
  • Take him to park to meet others to improve his social skills.