1. Brussels Griffon Boston Terrier Mix (Brusston)

Due to World War in Europe, Brussels Griffons or Brusstons just like many other dogs were about to become an extinct breed, but they were saved due to repopulation made by English breeders. 

These toy breed have a humble beginning, it all started in Brussels, Belgium in 1800s where they were used to do a very odd job of catching rats out in the fields and stables. By the end of the 19th century, the breed gained significant popularity, but the breed is not generally available with every breeder. As the breed has a Belgian origin which itself is a mixture of Yorkshire Terrier, Irish Terrier and English toy spaniel. The Brussels Griffon made its film debut in 1997 and shared with two Oscar winners. Also, they are featured in several other movies like “The first wives club” and “Gosford Park”. Basically, there are three types of Griffons 1) The Belgian Griffon, Griffon of Brussels and the Petit Brabancon. Almost all sort of dogs share very similar characteristics like these are small dogs, robust and thickset with a large round head.

Boston Terrier mix Looks

They have a very unique agile and elegant movements; so expressive that they are considered to have a human face. Their fur coat is rough and coursed with different colors like red, beige, black, tan and fully black. Generally, they have a brushy face and rough or smooth coat. However, some of them will might grow to be a 20 pounds. Spending good amount of time with them, grooming them frequently, brushing them for three to four times a week along with monthly bars is the best way to keep healthy and shiny. Special attention must be dedicated to eliminate tangles and dirt, similar to what we do for other breeds; like cutting their nails, cleaning the ears and brushing their teeth (at least once a week) will help them avoid both viral & breed specific diseases.

A healthy breed Brusston weighs on average between 5 to 15 pounds and stands on average 6 to 11 inches high on ground. As compared to breeds of similar qualities they have a very good average lifespan of 12 to 15 years, but if kept well then, they can live up to 17 years. The Griffon of Brussels is a hardy little dog that is big on personality and adaptable to many lifestyles the breed. However, this breed is a comedian both in looks and temperament. Totally active, happy and sweet; it is best suited to be in your lap or by your side to cuddle to sleep.

Brusston Temperament

Their temperament is considering to very inspiring around people and no to zero record is found about their anti-social behavior. This breed is highly social and suitable for owners who themselves are outgoing. Before adopting this cute breed, one must ensure that they have a spare time each day to dedicate to it because they do not like lonesomeness at all. They are very much described as observers, curious, extroverted, loving and playful. These dogs have a strong connection with their human families and are totally loyal companions. Suitable for first time dog adopter as they shed very less hair and are usually quiet throughout their life. They go well with all family members, and they make children their friends in no time.

If you have another dog or any other pet, they befriend them too. Above all, they do not require a lot of space can easily be adopted in small apartments and urban living. The breed is good with children but is fragile due to his small bone structure so interactions with children should always be supervised and children should be taught to be gentle when handling this little guy. Do not let his small size fool you though as the Brusstons is big in attitude and doesn’t let his small stature stop him from being a protector of his home and family and he is an excellent watchdog.

Since, the puppy would come at much greater cost than others so to keep them healthy; they should be fed with good quality food. Focus must be on variety rather than quantity as they never say no to food and may gain weight in no time. Considered to be healthy from health department, this breed would need on average 60 to 90 minutes exercise time to burn its calories. Equally good for outside fun and indoor activities, they prefer a warm weather then extremes.

Brusston’s are easy to train

Unlike many breeds, due to their social nature; they are very easy to train. All they need is a little patience and dedication to educate them. Their training must be firm, serene, fair and fun for them so that they not only learn, but also enjoy it thoroughly. Howbeit, socialization and formal training of Belgian Griffon pup must start after 8 to 9 weeks, as it usually takes a little more time for the puppy to develop strong bones and senses. The breed can be regarded as healthy and does not any chronic or dangerous diseases embed in them. 

Occasionally, they may suffer from illness like weak bladder, discs problems, diabetes, and progressive retinal atrophy. it is important to understand the needs of this type of breed prior to purchase to ensure that this breed suits your lifestyle and climate and to provide proper care during hot weather or excessive activities for the health and well-being of the dog. Furthermore, it must be ensured that they should be kept in dry and well-ventilated house so that they should not face any major diseases.

They should be taken away from deep waters as they might get tired soon in water and this could be life threatening for them at time. The ideal time for their exercise is either morning time or late evening; which could help them avoid total exposure to the sun. Lastly, if you want a breed like it to be a part of your family and daily life; then first as a pet lover we must shall accept them as important part of our lives.