Cairn Terrier Boston Terrier Mix Cairoston)

The Euro-American dog itself is not a purebred, but a cross of American originated Boston Terrier and UK originated Cairn. As registered, the mother cairn was used mostly for hunting purposes in the 15th century while Boston terrier (father) who itself is not a purebred was usually used for blood sports. As inherited from its parents the Cairston is a breed of short leg dogs and body with popularity in England and subsequently in the USA.

Cairoston size

The Cairston is has a height of about ten to seventeen inches and weighs between 12 to 26 pounds. It is a hardy active and game dog short leg but not as low to the ground as other Scottish terriers. Its head is shorter and wider than other Terriers giving it good jaw strength and it is well proportioned strong build with a medium length of back provides it with the ability to fit into close quarters. The muzzle is strong but not too long or heavy; the jaws have neither an under shot and nor an overshot. Eyes are set wide apart and somewhat sunken with shaggy eyebrows and the ears are small, but set wide apart. The coat is not very thin and weather resistant.

The grooming should not be hard for someone who has already pet dogs as they can sooner be befriended. It doesn’t shed much and a brush twice a week should be enough. For regular maintenance care and stripping to remove dead hair and to help the coat and skin remain healthy is necessary twice a year use of clippers or sheers. However, it is not advised as it can ruin the dog’s rugged coat.

Other than this, brushing of teeth, cleaning of ears and occasional trimming of nails has to be taken care of temperament. They are spirited, bold, tough and clever and theyenjoy human company and most of these dogs are known to try to do things to please their masters. They get along well with children and unlike many other small dogs are also strong enough to notrequire constant adult supervision. Occasionally, they can be aggressive with other dogs andmight try to chase small animals during their training period. At the same time, they can be a sensitive dog and training should always be firm, but never harsh. Chances are that it can become stubborn, but early obedience when it is still a puppy is necessary.

Cairston nature

Due to its origin, its active nature means that about an hour of playing in the yard or walk on leash every day isneeded to keep the Cairston happy.

The typical lifespan for a Cairston is between 13 and 15 years. Although, it is a generally healthy breed, but very few dogs may have eyesight or hip issues. It is also a house pet easy to train and

easy to care. Being a guard dog, it is a relatively unpretentious breed as long as it is comfortable. Its physical activity and vigorous daily walk will provide this dog with sufficient outlet. Although human loving, it will be exited at the regular opportunity to frisk and run off in a well fenced yard. As a working breed, the Cairston would absolutely love goal-oriented games and activities. If the weather is not good, it also will be strangely quite content. Still, it would be up for playing with the ball inside home. The bad manners which is observed in this breed is that sometimes they dig, chew everything on their way, unstoppable barking and other nasty behavioral deviations.

Boston Mix need to knows

The breed usually maintains its puppy-like playfulness and kiddy behavior until a very venerable age. Despite its miniature size it can’t be reckoned a classical lapdog as it loves nothing more that explore at surroundings. It is prone to feel itself highly stressed when separated from its masters and craves for their love and attention. This dog is commonly on good terms with familiar or non-familiar children. Likewise, it is good with other dogs especially with familiar ones. nonetheless cruel confrontations are perfectly possible in the same sex so it’s recommended to always keep this dog safely leashed. It also takes belligerent attitude to stray cats and other street animals in most cases; howbeit, this dog would tolerate those cats which are known to it since very young age.

They can be properly groomed with average investment of time and effort. They need more sense of affection and dedication than anything. They are good at mocking, joking and making funny faces which would make them an important part of your family life. Due to its bad nature of tasting everything, it’s essential to check the dog for the presence of parasites on a regular basis and proper medication should be served from time to time to avoid them.

Boston mix smarts

It is a clever yet somewhat self-willed dog whose training is a task of an average difficulty and obedience training assume paramount importance for it. In contrast to its propensity to excessive barking, the dog shows a very good gesture in learning quickly; if its success is rewarded with praise and generous treats. The dog tacitly understands what its master is expecting at the particular moment and it will do everything to accomplish its duty. On the other hand, physical enforcement will never bring desirable results in the work with this breed and eventually will only provoke it to more willful behavior. 

The dog then might get away from the house or will show unexpected behavior as they are prone to depression issues as well. Therefore, it is also recommended to apply firm, but still gentle training techniques which should be based on short and amusing lessons. Timely and extensive socialization will make it out a perfect pet for any family masters. In a nutshell, they are apartment friendly, good for busy owners, intelligent enough to carry themselves up and best for novice owners. They just learn things on their own and will be a funny companion of their masters to help them live a better life.