➢ Height: 25.4-38.1cm

➢ Weight: 25-50 lb

➢ Lifespan: 13-15 years

➢ Group: Not applicable

➢ Best Suited For: families or singles, apartment-dwellers, those looking for a companion dog, owners wanting a low- or non-shedding dog

➢ Temperament: affectionate, intelligent, social, loyal

➢ similar Breeds: Poodle, Boston Terrier

The Bossi-Poo may is a average sized designer breed developed by blending the Boston terrier with the poodle. it has the following features: muscular body, round head, medium-sized muzzle, floppy ears and this breed looks to be widespread thanks to its friendly and cheerful nature.


Temperament of a Boston Terrier mixed with poodle

Boston Terrier mix with poodle is a lovely, friendly and Affectionate dog. They Possess a huge loyalty for his or her homeowners. Always looking to please them in during each moment of the day. They additionally like to cuddle by the laps of their owner at any slightest chance.

They are pliant in nature and might bend to suit any surroundings and weather. They might not be comfy enough to remain far away from their loved Ones for long time, as fair-haired ones it could cause pangs of separation anxiety.

Inheriting the Poodle’s sense of humor, this breed displays a funny character and very entertaining.

They have a good relationship with youngsters and adults. However parental management is required to guide so that the kids will not hurt these dogs. The Bossi-Poo might have a mental tendency towards swimming, because it has poodle as one of its parents.

Being of high intensity semi working dog, they might would need adequate quantity of exercise everyday for their physical and mental well being. You’ll take them out on a walk daily and allow them to play in your yard if you have got one or perhaps inside. They like water; you may add water as part of their training or playing session.

A Boston Terrier mixed with poodle always barks to warn its master concerning interloper in his territory, however gets on well with strangers once being introduced to them.


Training a boston mixed with poodle


They are very intelligent, a attribute inherited from their poodle parent and always desperate to satisfy their masters, coaching the hybrid boosipoo dog shouldn’t be a puzzle. Poodles are a extremely smart breed.

To push back any instances of separation anxiety that might arise when getting a new puppy,. Bossi-Poo puppies crate train very easily, with just a little coaching. Introduce your puppy to the crate in a very casual method so he doesn’t get the sensation of being restricted in a very confined area. Keep it within the a part of the house wherever he often goes and additionally place his blanket or favorite toys close to it to convey him a well-recognized feeling. Attempt giving its meals at the rear of the crate so he has got to go within to induce it. He might take time to induce wont to the crate however as he will therefore, increase the temporal order and reward him for his accomplishment.

Since it’s a talent of chasing, leash coaching is important, because it direct its agile nature and love for water in a very positive method by teaching it any pleasant aquatics like dock jumping. Once your pet is adept at taking commands and has shown in interest in swimming, you’ll attempt coaching him at this sport. Bring your dog’s favorite toy and permit him to play with it for a moment. Be energized and active to depart this world the positive vibes to your pet too. Begin bit by bit by throwing the toy into the shallow water, and once your dog is comfy enough in retrieving it, throw it additional into the deeper half. However, ne’er force your puppy to induce into the water if he doesn’t because it might heighten its worry.


Feeding a boston mix

Feed a Boston mixed with Poodle according to their weight. Try using a high quality dog food.

Short stories

They are loving and protective of those they love and those that love them. 


My Jack is six years of recent and has been a blessing daily. She is that the sweetest dog we’ve ever had and that we have had 2 Shepherds, 1 Husky. I’ll be broken once she passes. She likes to choose rides and be with the family all of the time. we have a tendency to did have one instance wherever she nipped at a man sledding solely as a result of he started her. nice breed.

I have a Bossi poo for ten years currently, she is that the most admiring caring dog anyone will have, i feel the assessment on dog is good and my dog isn’t aggressive in any respect in any method. She is a hybrid of mini poodle and Boston terrier she weighs concerning fifteen pounds and he or she has long loose premed hair and tight premed hair in different places on her body. She additionally contains a Boston terrier dinner jacket down her chest. She ne’er barks unless it’s terribly serious. She loves going outside ALOT and really high energy and really intelligent. Does not shed terribly friendly with different pets and youngsters and folks. She may be an excellent dog.

Common Health Problems

As with most designer dogs, the Bossi-Poo will not be prone to many of the health issues that can plague his pure-bred parents. That said, it’s always important to know what your new pup could inherit and in this instance, he can be prone to digestive and joint issues from the Poodle as well as a kidney disease called Addison’s and Mitral Valve Disease

The Controversy on bossipoo

A crossbreed also known as a ‘designer dog’ or a ‘hybrid’ is the offspring of two purebred parents.

Crossbreeding is a relatively new practice, only growing in popularity over the last decade or so.

Some consider crossbreeds and mutts to be one and the same.

Others, however, insist that crossbred dogs are the result of only two purebred parents, while mutts have a lineage of several different breeds in their bloodline.

Supporters also claim crossbreeds have fewer chances of inheriting the genetic health defects of their purebred parents.

Doubters say that these generational health defects can be just as widespread in crossbreed dogs, if not more so.