Boston Terrier puppies for sale in Mississippi. (USA)

The 32nd largest and 34th most populous state in the United States of America is Mississippi. It was admitted into the United States of America on the 10th of December, 1817. It became the 20th state of the US that day. Tennessee shares with it Mississippi’s northern border. Towards its east is the state of Alabama. Alongside a narrow coast on the Gulf of Mexico, it also shares its southern border with Louisiana. To the west of the state are the states of Louisiana and Arkansas.

Three of the most populous cities in the state are Jackson, Gulfport, and Southaven, with a population of one hundred sixty-six thousand, seventy-one thousand and fifty-four thousand respectively, according to the United States Census Bureau as of 2017. hunter male stud Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier puppies for sale in Mississippi


Recent years have seen a surge in the number of Boston Terrier puppies and its breeders in Mississippi. Nicknamed “The American Gentleman”, this breed of dogs was accepted by the prestigious American Kennel Club in 1893 as a non-sporting breed.

Origin of Boston Terrier and how they made their way to MS

Around 1875, a Robert C. Hooper of Boston bought a dog named Judge from a gentleman called Edward Burnett. This dog of the Bull and Terrier lineage, and would eventually become the ancestor of all true Boston Terriers. The dog would be later dubbed as Hooper’s Judge, and become part of dog history. The Boston Terrier is one of the rare few breeds of dogs that have originated from the USA. It also has the distinction of having been the first non-sporting dog breeds in the USA.

Even though the colors and markings of the Boston Terrier were not important in those early days, the breed’s distinct markings and colors would become an essential feature of the dog breed. Over time, the aggressive nature of the breed has been all but bred out. However, the males of the species may still act aggressively with other dogs if it feels threatened.

Overview Of Boston Terrier Puppies In MS

The Boston Terrier is one of the smaller breeds of dogs around. The breed usually stands no more than 17 inches in height, and weighs under 25 pounds or so. The Boston Terrier has a very distinctive look, as it’s a small yet quite built dog. It usually comes in black, brown or very dark brown colors, on its back, while its underside is almost always entirely white.

It’s coat color and design makes it look like a dog that’s wearing formal attire, leading to its nickname as “The American Gentleman”. The breed also has characteristically short tails, which may come in the variants of straight, corkscrew or curled. Generally, two inches is the maximum length for the tail of a Boston Terrier. Its head features large, prominent eyes, which are set apart quite widely.

Important points to watch out for when buying a Boston Terrier puppy in Mississippi

If you are looking to buy a Boston Terrier puppy, you should be wary of a few things:

Should I Buy a Boston Terrier in MS?

Perhaps you saw Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures recently and would like to get a Boston Terrier puppy like Iggy, That’s perfectly fine. However, you must realize that getting any puppy, especially a Boston Terrier, is a lot of work, and you need to devote a lot of time to take care of one. A Boston Terrier puppy will be your best friend and a loyal companion for the entirety of its life, but ask yourself if you’ll be home enough to spend time with it. If you cannot commit the time into being a friend to your Boston Terrier, then perhaps you could get a cat instead.

1. Care for the pup

Even though the Boston Terrier is a shorthair breed, meaning it doesn’t require the constant grooming a Cocker Spaniel would, it still requires some level of attention. This includes but is not limited to giving the puppy regular baths, weekly brushing to remove loose hair, and the occasional brushing.

2. Health of MS Boston Terriers

Due to their breeding heritage, the Boston Terrier you come to own may have certain health issues that you will be responsible to take care of. The Boston Terrier is vulnerable to roaching, which is the back of the dog curving more than usual.

This is thought to be due to the patella, or a structural problem. Nevertheless, this puts excess stress on the forelegs of the dog. Their typically shorter nuzzles mean that the Boston Terrier is a poor fit for weathers that are too cold or too hot. They also have a weaker digestive system than most dogs, and flatulence is a common occurrence within the breed. As they have larger eyes compared to their bodies than most dogs, they are also susceptible to corneal ulcers. The size of their eyes also makes them more injury prone, as they are not guarded by a large muzzle like many other dogs.

The breed also almost exclusively gives birth via C-section, as the size of a newborn’s head is too big almost all the time for a natural delivery. As the owner of a Boston Terrier, you must be ready to face these health issues, as your dog will be dependent on you for medical care.

3. Playtime and training of a Boston Terrier puppy

Boston Terriers are easier to train than most dogs, so the time investment isn’t too much. You do, however, need to spend some time training your new puppy. This includes basic training such as potty training, obedience training and training your puppy to follow basic orders such as sit, stay or walk. With time, you may even come to enjoy the training and might end up training the puppy many more different tricks. It’s also important to take your puppy out for walks, as exercise is very important for all breeds of dog.

Expensive pups and why you should buy a Boston Terrier puppy in MS

The Boston Terrier puppies are quite expensive. The average puppy may cost anywhere from $600-1200. The price, naturally, increases with superior lineage. A Boston Terrier puppy bred from champion dogs of the breed with an exceptional track record can sell for up to $4,500. However, this is merely a generalized summary of Boston Terrier prices.

You can find cheap Boston Terrier puppies that start at $500-600, although buyer beware, these puppies may or may not be purebred Boston Terriers. If you’re not looking for a puppy but a full-grown dog, you may even find one in one of the dog shelters around your locality, for no more than the adoption fees. This is not recommended for people wanting to buy a purebred Boston Terrier, and as such remember to keep your budget at least around the $2000 mark so that you can buy a purebred Boston Terrier puppy that catches your eye. For those looking to enter their puppies into a competition, increase your budget to at least double that.

Things to know about the Boston Terrier puppy before purchase a Boston Terrier puppy in Mississippi


Price in Mississippi for Boston Terrier puppies

The prices of a Boston Terrier puppy in Mississippi is similar to its price in the rest of the US. As stated before, it will cost your bank balance $1000, give or take a few hundred dollars. That is the price for the Boston Terriers from a linage not considered the top of the line. Boston Terrier puppies boasting a superior lineage cost significantly more in Mississippi. One can expect to pay upwards of $5000 for a Boston Terrier puppy that boasts lineage from champion dogs.

Going for a costlier Boston Terrier puppy in Mississippi

You can always get a cheaper Boston Terrier if you don’t have a lot of cash on hand or have much interest in getting a competition dog. However, getting a more expensive Boston Terrier puppy could be a future investment for you. For example, getting a puppy from a superior lineage of champions could enable you to enter the puppy into future competitions after training. It would also open up a new avenue of income in the form of puppies that you breed from your Boston Terrier when it matures. Getting a costlier puppy from a renowned seller also ensures that you are not getting ripped off and getting your money’s worth.

Why Boston Terriers are great to have, and why you should get one ASAP


Boston Terrier puppies are a joy. They are the ideal small dog to have around the household. Here is a list of reasons why the Boston Terrier is a great choice for you and your family.

1. Extroverted and fun-loving

Boston Terriers have historically been pit fighting dogs. However, over time, the dog breed has become much more friendly and happy-go-lucky and has become an ideal companion. The extroverted and fun-loving nature of the dog makes the Boston Terrier a great choice to have to cheer up your family’s spirits, and its jolliness makes the breed an ideal candidate for a household dog, whether you are a family of two or six.

2. Companion dogs

As stated earlier, the Boston Terrier is an ideal companion dog. Going out on a walk with the dog, or simply spending a relaxing evening with it by the fireplace can be very soothing. The Boston Terrier helps make their owner much more stress-free and makes them less anxious.

3. Canine sports

The Boston Terrier also happens to be an expert on dog based sports. This is a breed that has become increasingly more popular throughout the years as a dog breed that excels at various canine competitions, especially the agility based ones.

4. Therapy dog

The breed is quite versatile overall, and their eagerness to make friends with anyone regardless of species and an outgoing personality combine to make them an excellent therapy dog. Many people from all over the world, and especially in the US, choose this breed as their therapy dog.

Before you buy a Boston Terrier puppy in Ms

If you have decided that a Boston Terrier puppy is the right fit for you, then congratulations! A dog is a man’s best friend, and the Boston Terrier is one of the best dogs you can get. However, it is recommended that you keep an eye out for these factors before buying a puppy. Buy From a reputable Boston Terrier Breeder

1. Breeder accreditation

If you’re buying from a Boston Terrier breeder in MS, it is suggested to check for their accreditation. It is illegal for a breeder to sell puppies without proper accreditation from the authorities. Buying from a breeder who does not have official documents may mean the breeder is not tending to the needs of the animals and by buying from him, you may be encouraging him to keep treating the animals he has poorly.

2. Age of puppy

Always ask for the age of the puppy you plan on buying. A Boston Terrier Breeder In MS who knows what he’s doing knows that a puppy should not be separated from its mother before its aged seven weeks. Many breeders even keep their puppies for 12 weeks. If the breeder is giving you a puppy that’s younger than 8 weeks, do not accept. A puppy that young being separated from its mother could be disastrous for both the puppy and the mother.

Boston Terrier breeder In MS

3. Weaned off of mother’s milk

You must ensure that the puppies have been weaned off of their mother’s milk. If they have not been weaned off, then either the breeder has no clue about what he’s doing, or he’s lying about the age of the puppy.

4. Necessary vaccinations

Always ask the breeder if the puppy you’re planning on bringing home has gotten the necessary vaccinations and shots. 1st Shots should be between 6 and 8 weeks old. We give shots during that time.

5. Health issues

Ask the breeder for any health-related issues that the parent might have had, or the puppies have. If you do get the puppy, get it checked out by a vet to see if there any health issues with it.

6. Return policy

Ask the breeder if there is a 48-hour return policy. This way you can always return the puppy if he has lied about his health, and you find that out at the vet. Be sure to ask a second opinion. If you are in Louisiana you can check out our blog post on Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale in LA