Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix (English Boston Bulldog)

The breed of English-Boston bulldog is not purebred, but a cross of Boston Terrier and English Bulldog, and exhibits similar characteristics like its parents. Recognized by various esteemed clubs in the USA, it is a small to medium sized dog that goes well with the family and other pets. They an average height of 15-19 inches and weighs up to 19 to 26 lbs. Mostly available in white, brown and black color combination having black nose & brown eyes throughout. The coat texture is very much straight and the furs are not very lengthy and dense.  They have such a tenacious temperament and they are so confident that oftentimes they get into situations where they seek help from their owner. They have been bred to share the best of their parents like strong head, powerful shoulders and tight little rear.

English Boston Bulldog size

Due to short legs and heavier body; they may not be recommended in deep water. The undershot jaw protrudes under jaw that actually sticks out and it shows their teeth, loose skin which actually help the dog in a fight. Even if gripped by an adversary it still had maneuverability to save themselves. Wide shoulders and a large head give this dog its stocky look and it is a dog with a massive head and a little tiny rear, because of their hereditary characteristics. Breeders take excessive assistance from wet for birth of this breed unable to give birth and the reason why it is among the rarest dogs one can see on a walk. The nose and head are pushed back with small nostril and they breath mostly through their mouths open. As the gulp the air through their mouth so they are more prone to respiratory diseases and farting.

If they are kept inside all the time, then good air freshener is recommended and they should properly be dapper enough. Special attention must be dedicated to them when they go out into a water because it might cause more pungent smell in them; if they are not properly dried. If outside, they should be supervised as they might eat any uncool thing which can cause problems for them.

English boston bulldog exercise

It is observed that English Boston Bulldog does not do well in the heat and if you live in a much warmer climate zone; then it might not be the right dog. Howbeit, it does not mean that they must not be adopted at all, but they will need extra care and time in such zones. Extreme cold temperature may also cause problem for them, as they usually have respiratory problems at later ages. These dogs do not exactly toe the line when it comes to training and all they want is good amount of time when they are pup; which they will return to you when they grow up. The things which they learn at novel age will help them in becoming more socially acceptable.

A daily chore for owners would not only be to clean the dog, but also to clean the place where it hangs out more because moisture might post skin infection in them. Additionally, the bowl where food is served should be cleaned before each mean as that might grow bacteria or fungus. The breed is known for few health problems; for instance, they can get a number of different heart diseases as well as diseases involving their orthopedic system. The English Boston bulldog is specifically not for those who are offended by slobber and smell. They do really well with children bulldogs do well in apartments but not so well in heat. The breeds life expectancy is not very good (10 to 13 years) and there are a lot of health concerns which require lots of attention every day. If properly handled, and fed than the life expectancy could be more and also it will remain active throughout

Bulldog Boston Mix Socialization

Socialization include presenting the puppy to people, dogs, other animals and environments of all kinds this will prevent fear and aggression as adults later. When they are young, we can get them started with basic training commands which are essential for their safety and yours. They are not often skilled in advanced canine education, but it is highly recommended to keep practicing exercises. Some of the most common behavioral problems are resource protection and aggression; usually due to peer socialization. By intense and disorganized artificial selection, this breed often presents many hereditary diseases and other health problems.

In the contrary, if you are an active person who expects the same from your dog this is not the breed for your dog. likewise, a couch potato can better handle this dog as it requires not extraordinary time to for brushing due to its short hair and love to take long hours rest. The feeding should be kept at least 2 to 4 times a day and food must not be served all time because due to bad metabolic system they can gain weight in no time. Obesity in them will cause more problems and would effective reduce their life expectancy down to 3 years. In totality, they are hungry for praise and rewards more than anger or anything. Their training should start as soon as they start running, because once they grow large then it would not be possible to teach them everything so easily. 

Their record shows that they do not prefer jumping, barking or running all the time; and they sleep & take rest more than usual dogs of their size. On average they walk about 6 miles a week, and do not prefer to go out when the sun is shining. If they are taken out during summer, then they must be hydrated enough so that they may not have the problem of heatstroke or sunburns. Major tests must be done for these breeds like allergy tests, urinalysis, and complete blood profile.