Bo jack is naturally a small dog, medium in sized, which possess a lot of personality and spunk. They have similar face as bulldog and pointy ears like Boston terrier.  Jack Russell is a hunter while the Boston terrier is a born fighter, the cross bred of this two (Bo-jack) is a sweet and gentle dog but also an energetic and fun loving pet. To choose this dog as pet be ready to provide lot of exercise and attention.


Bo-jack is a new breed dog therefore the depth of its history is not known, but the parent breed history is used in knowing the characteristics. Jack Russell terrier is an efficient working terrier. Normally the breed is named after reverend john Russell originated in 1893. This Russell is a baying terrier that is flushing out the fox with steady barking, but is never to kill his prey. They are strictly bred for hunting. While the Boston terrier originated from the United States of America. It was accepted by the American kennel club in 1893 as a non sporting breed. When differentiating this breed the color and markings are important from the AKC standard. The breed is popular in America as they are called American gentleman because of their gentle nature. The Boston terrier was spotted when a certain man named Robert Hooper bought this terrier type from another man. Later it was known as Hooper’s judge and is believed to be the parent breed of bull breed and the original terrier in the 20th century. They are highly intelligent and very easy to train.

Appearance Of the Bo JACK

Bo-Jack is a small medium size breed. They stand 9 – 16 inches in length with a stocky posture. In term of a big dog they are bigger than an average lap dog. It weigh around 10 pounds (female) and up to 25 pound for the male. They possess coats including shades of white, gold, brown, black and tan always with a tuxedo like pattern. They are beautiful have quick feet with a funny expressions. These hybrids look more like a boxer or bulldog than terrier.


As pet this dog require some treatment which need your time and attentions, some of these maintenance are;

  1. They are easy to groom, because of their short and hard coat. They can be brushed with a wire brush or hard bristle one or two times in a week.
  2. Bo-Jack possesses a waterproof coat which keeps them cleaned and need to be bathed only when necessary.
  3. The need to check their ears for earwax, debris and dirt are important once in a week. The ear should be properly cleaned.
  4. Brush their teeth to prevent dental issues.
  5. Do not shampoo them too often as it depletes oil from their skins.

Activity Requirement

They possess the best personalities, an energetic and friendly trait to their family, which also protect families from strangers. They are hard to train, hiring a professional to do the hard parts such as housebreaking and barking will be required.