The Boston lab is the mixtures of Labrador retriever and Boston terrier and combines the best traits from its parents. Generally they are an average sized dog, larger than the Boston terrier and small than the Labrador retriever. They possess a happy personality; Lab boston mix are playful and demonstrate great affection and loyalty. They are mostly use as a guard dog and companion dog. The major concerns in their health are intervertebral disc disease and hip dysplasia.

HISTORY of the LAB boston mix

Boston labs are intelligent, responsive dogs and very alert, also known for their loyal and playful nature. This mixed breed or hybrid dog is created by breeding Labrador retriever and Boston terrier. The Boston terrier originated from the United States of America. It was accepted by the American kennel club in 1893 as a non sporting breed. When differentiating this breed the color and markings are important from the AKC standard. The breed is popular in America as they are called American gentleman because of their gentle nature.

The Boston terrier was spotted when a certain man named Robert Hooper bought this terrier type from another man. Later it was known as Hooper’s judge and is believed to be the parent breed of bull breed and the original terrier in the 20th century. They are highly intelligent and very easy to train. Labradors are dogs trained to aid or help those with blindness. These dogs are known for their obedience, loyalty, playful composure and are priced as sporting and hunting dogs. They were imported from Canada to America and became one of the most popular breeds of dogs. Here the combinations of this two result in Boston lab which is fast becoming popular as its parent breed.

Appearance of the lab boston mix

They possess a stocky and short body which is in good or proper direction to their heads. A medium sized dog which has longer muzzle than the Boston terrier. Boston lab ears can be floppy like Labrador or short and erect like the Boston terrier. The color of their nose is black; their eyes are brown, with a medium size tail away from their body. Their coat comes in different colors like brown, black and white.

Maintenance of the lab boston mix

The Boston lab is an easy pet to care for and require minimum maintenance for the owner.

  1. In a week a brush them with a firm bristle brush, also do well to rub their body with a soft cloth to make their coat shine.
  2. They are attention seekers, therefore create time and buy them toys for use in your absent.
  3. In their puppyhood train them in brushing their teeth, and rewarding them for their good conduct. These help reduce difficulty in grooming when matured.
  4. You should take them for a daily walk and fun games to burn their energy.

Activity Requirement

They live happily in an apartment; they don’t like temperatures so extremes but do best in moderate climates. The Labrador side of the breed enjoys water. The Boston lab is a true family dog which loves to please.L