Puppy Pickup, Delivery, Or Shipping Options

We have a few options on how you can get your new Puppy to your house.

Safe, Fast, Hassle Free & Cost Effective As Possible

  1. You can come to our location and pick the puppy up.
  2. We are willing to meet you half way up to 100 Miles away from our location.
  3. We can personally fly with the puppy and meet you at your local major airport.
  4. Other shipping methods can be arranged If you are buying the Puppy as a breeding prospect, to maintain bloodlines, or for hunting, working, or security. **Bostons Make Great Alarm Systems** I Can Arrange Shipping For You Or I Can Send You A List Of Reputable (USDA Registered) Safe & Fast Puppy Shippers that can deliver to your door. Cost is approximately $250 to $400


Also, Just for a example: Major cities that we often meet people at for no extra travel charge is: New Orleans, Hattiesburg MS, Baton Rouge LA

7 thoughts on “Puppy Pickup, Delivery, Or Shipping Options”

  1. Hi…very interested in a June puppy as I just lost my 2 in a housefire and I miss them so bad …how do you get on the list to claim one? Please call me at 731—— business phone or 7—– cell with not great service in out rural area. I live in West Tennessee

    Thank you
    Vicki Arnold

  2. I just lost my French of 13 yrs in jan to old age so I want to try a different breed since Frenchies are priced almost out of this world and there are to many scammers out there .Boston Terrier is the way to go ! I would like a female puppy no older than 12 weeks Black and I will pick up

  3. I just lost my Frenchi in jan of 13 yrs I wanted another but the prices are blow way out of proportion so I’m switching Breeds Im now looking for a Boston Terrier female 12 weeks or less black for a reasonable price I’m not looking to show or breed just a companion dog to love .

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