How long have you been breeding Boston Terriers?

We started breeding Bostons in 2016 with just a couple dogs. From that point on we have been driven to competitively breed the best of the best producing healthy, happy, and well-bred Bostons. We are located on the Louisiana / Mississippi State Line. Shipping is Available.

Will my puppy be socialized?

This is a family commitment, my wife and I with our 4 homeschooled children spend lots of quality time with the puppies. I believe human contact and getting familiar with different smells and sounds early on in the puppies life, helps give the puppy confidence and socialization skills that will be with the puppy for the rest of it’s life. When your puppy arrives to your home he/she will have an easy transition because they’ve been very much included in our day to day activities. I often tell people this isn’t our job, it’s our life. Everything we do or don’t do revolves around the dogs and its a 24/7 responsibility.

What requirements do you have of people looking to get one of your puppies?

We do have a few requirements if you wish to purchase a puppy from us:

  • We may ask you to some questions that will help us know a little about you and the environment your puppy will have.
  • We also require a deposit to hold your puppy for you until pickup/ drop-off.
  • We also suggest you research the breed and make sure you are prepared for your new addition to the family.